Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prep - the big day

Matthew started Prep today. I've been imagining this day for
so many years but when it finally arrived I think I was more terrified than he was. He was so brave; there were no tears at all but a little bit of clingy-ness and the need to be reassured that I was actually going to come back for him at the end of the day (which I did, just for the record... ;) )

At going home time I got there early enough to spy through the window without him seeing me and he looked happy as a lark, sitting on the floor with the rest of the class listening to a story. He very excitedly told me he had a great day and was even going to go back tomorrow so a success all round, I thought. I am yet to actually determine what he did on his first day or who he played with but I'm sure I'll get used to hearing that very same thing over the next 12 years...

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Right, I've officially given up attempting to conceal my identity. B1 = Matthew & B2 = Ryan. There. I feel so much better now... Just promise not to stalk me, okay?

~ ~ ~
Ryan & I were laying on the floor in his bedroom this morning, chatting about the meaning of life etc etc when the conversation flowed to the patterns on our doona covers:-
Ryan: Matty got boats? What I got?
Me: Jungle animals this week.
Ryan: What Mummy got?
Me: umm, flowers, I think...
Ryan: Noooo!
Me: Well, what's on mine then?
Ryan: (Looking at his insect stickers on his window) You got...Ladybuggles!!
I can't bring myself to correct him.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Finally, after nearly 3 weeks of rain, we had a weekend of sunshine. Desperate as I was to crank the airconditioning and throw on a dvd while eating all manner of atrocities, I suggested a trip to the pool to while away the hours. Our local pool, while modest and frightfully expensive to enter, caters quite well for the littlies. B1 is particularly thrilled with with the waterslide and enjoys toying with his mothers nerves by shooting down headfirst, or backward and at one particularly hair-raising moment, with his little brother. B2 hasn't gone near it since...Thank God...

Later on Sunday the boys and I went down to the river to feed wild and rather moody ducks that reside there. Late afternoons are always always popular with the local folk so the ducks were obviously well fed by the time we got there and kept their distance. The boys instead amused themselves with a quick dip and gallop around the playground.

So there you go, a fairly unadventurous weekend but at least it got us all out of the house and in to the humidity for a while.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Technically not a child related post...

...but indulge me here anyway. I have been sewing and although I vowed not to turn this in to another bloody sewing blog, I am compelled to show off anyway. For your viewing pleasure, I present B2's winter jacket:-

He loves it. It turned out (well, so far) better than I anticipated and low and behold, actually looks like fitting him. Can't ask for more than that.
~ ~ ~

Today was my first day back at work after the wonderful Christmas Break. I was abused by an absolute arsehole on the phone so that really made my day. On a more positive not, B1 was thrilled to be getting back to Kindy so he could see his little girlfriend again and B2 spent his first day in the Pre-Kindy room with his 3 mates who had graduated to that room a couple of months ago. They both had a brilliant day - I think the short break did them a world of good. B1 is heading off to Prep in 4 short weeks (eek!). Time certainly does fly...