Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Christmas Rundown

Well, it is said that it ain't Christmas till somebody cries and in this case it wasn't me. The Man of the House injured himself quite badly this afternoon in the throws of replacing the mat on the trampoline. Many a hammer was thrown (literally) but I am proud to say that not a swear word was uttered. I have suggested a fun-filled trip to the hospital may be in order but he is bravely holding out to see what tomorrow brings. It does look very painful but seems to be keeping the B1 & B2 amused (Boy 1 and Boy 2 for those playing along at home), watching the varying shades of purple fade in and out...

Christmas day was lovely. It started out dubiously with B2 feeling completely overwhelmed and throwing some spectacular tantrums but by mid-afternoon he was well in the swing of it. B1 fully embraced the concept this year, which was lovely to watch.

B1 and Grandad.

After a long day, with much food and wine consumed we prepared ourselves to do it all again on the following day with the other Grandparents. Boxing Day actually proved to be bloody freezing and and saw huddled on the verandah wrapped in blankets & dodgy pink cardigans and drinking hot mugs of tea. Stark contrast to last Christmas when we all sweltered in 35 degree heat.

B1 & B2 had a ball playing with their teenage cousins and are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their other cousins from Singapore late tomorrow night. We were hoping for a weekend at the beach but a cyclone is now threatening to cancel those plans too. Never mind, I'm sure we call all while away the hours attempting to replace the mat on the bloody trampoline without breaking any more bones...

Friday, December 21, 2007

A challenge

OK, the gauntlet has been thrown. A good friend has set me the (quite possibly unachievable) task of committing myself to this blog by posting at least once a week. For a good friend, she obviously doesn't know me very well. Nevertheless I have decided to humour her so I guess only time will tell. I am far too battle weary tonight after a long week at work to attempt to my first 'real' post so stand-by for the momentous occasion in the near future. Remember to breath though, it could be a while...