Saturday, November 22, 2008

Creative people - I need your help

I have half a yard of each of these gorgeous fabrics. What should I do with them? I have a few thoughts but want to hear what you would do. Inspire me, please...


Yesterday we met up with some wonderful friends from Townsville who are down this way on holiday and took the kids to Dreamworld for the day. We haven't seen them since we left almost 3 years ago, so the catch up was long overdue.

We had such a great day, the weather was perfect (a pleasant break from the horrific storms and flooding we've been having), crowds - not too bad. Very pleased we snuck our day in before school holidays starts.

The big boys, wrestling crocs.

This lizard ("goanna" as they insisted on calling it) kept them amused for ages.

Ryan, with his Bear Foot Biscuit.

The obligatory pose in front of The Wiggles house.

Big boys on the Spongebob ride.
Matthew & Ryan making their big escape.

One knackered little boy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Giveaway at Old Red Barn Co.

Are these not three of the most spectacular quilts you have ever seen? Old Red Barn Co is giving us a chance to win one, simply by leaving her a comment. I’m sad to say I’ll not be entering a video as I am technologically challenged (to say the least) but fingers crossed I get lucky anyway.

Now friends and neighbours, feel free to enter but consider yourself warned. I shall be rather snippy if you win and I don’t.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fencing update

I've had a couple of people make polite inquiries in to the state of our spectacular fence.

So for all your interested parties, here she is today in all her glory:

(Do please ignore the palettes - they will be made into framework for concrete very shortly. I hope anyway...)

The old girl seems to be a fair bit more rickety than my last photo, doesnt' she? The recent hailstorm we had was not kind to her at all. Would anyone like to make a small wager on how much worse it can possibly get before it's replaced?