Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opthalmologist appt #3

I've missed an appointment somewhere. Just to recap, after not so great news in January Matthew had a follow up appointment in February, which was a bit of a non-event. The fluid in his eye was down a little bit so we were keep meds the same, to be reviewed in April, which leads me to today's appointment.

Left eye -6/6 (perfect), cataract stable
Right eye - 6/36 What Smiley Not good, that's only the second line of the eye chart. A scan showed there is still fluid on his retina.

Meds: Dr D wants to trial a stronger topical steriod for his right eye for the next four weeks. All his other medication will stay the same. The new drop will have to go in 4 times a day and his contact lens will have to be removed each time. Oh, he's just going to love that news...

Flucon - ceased
Prednefrin Forte - 4x per day, right eye
Homatropine - One drop every 2nd day both eyes
Redipred - 1ml every 2nd day
Methotrexate - 10mg per week
Naprosyn - 250mg per day
Folate - 50mg per day

Follow up 4 weeks (12 May 2009)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Making progress

Look what my clever husband built me. Isn't he handy?

Much better than the old fence, I think. Not as likely to kill someone in a strong wind...

Not only that, he went above and beyond the call of duty by building me a gate down the side of the house which increases the size of our backyard by another 3x10-ish metres. Happy boys and dogs (well, they would be if it would stop raining long enough for them to get out there and use it).

Now we just need to find someone willing to put in a swimming pool so we can steal their excess dirt to fill up the ditch that runs along the fence. With that done, we should gain another metre of our land back.