Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catch up

It's been a busy few months here at The Shack. Not only did we have the threatened premature labour to contend with, we've also been otherwise occupied with school holidays, a herniated disc and subsequent surgery on NYE, a big boy starting Grade 2, a small boy starting Prep and a teeny weeny boy starting out in life.

Meet Miles:

Born 20.01.2010 at 37 wks, weighing 3310gm (7lb 5oz), 50.5cm long & 33cm head (for those of you interested in such things).

He's sleeping and feeding beautifully and generally a very contented little chap but does tend to object loudly to any sort of nudity. Strange really, when all the other males in this house seem to embrace it.


Anonymous said...

Miles is gorgeous! Great to hear he has been such a good bub so far.

Hope the boys enjoy being at school.

Great to have you back blogging.

Shannon's Stalker said...

Oh my, for the love of God, that baby boy is just beautiful! I can fully appreciate him, no he is all clean and not being held in a tight protective embrace of a big bro!!!

I think my womb and all the other fingers, toes, limbs etc in it just got a little squished when the whole damn organ contract at the sight of him. Baby Mile, you are truly gorgeous!!!! Welcome to world little Harding man of many!!

Shannon said...

He is delicious. I can't put him down - completely smitten.

I can't wait to meet your version 2.0 though. Have another boy - you won't regret it.

Shannon's Stalker said...

At least I'll have many, many clothes for a boy!!! Glad to hear he is settling in to family life so well!!! Can't wait to give him a big cuddle and kiss!!!

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